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Adam, John Shedden (1824-1906) Presbyterian and governance philanthropist

Armstrong, Andrew Bell (1811-1872) Founder of the Sunday Morning Breakfast for the poor

Balbirnie, Arthur (1815-1891) Charity Collector

Bowie Sisters: Louisa (1834-1884), Jessie (1836-1906), Catherine (1838-1918), and Elizabeth (1840-1922) Ragged School Teachers

Briggs, William (1828 – 1910) and Charlotte Sarah neé Nicholson (1820-1879) Maitland Benevolent Society

Brown, Isabella (1858-1932) Ragged School Teacher

Carroll, Alan (1827-1911), Doctor, Scientist, Philanthropist, Fabricator and Liar

Comrie, James (1816-1902) Literary Philanthropist

Crane, William  (1826-1914)  Magistrate and Philanthropist

Druce, James (1829-1891) Charity Collector

Druce, William (1827-1925) & Hannah  (1829-1909) Sydney City Missionary & Temperance Advocate and  Sydney Night Refuge & Reformatory Manager

Ellis, Marie  (1843-1907) The Relationship of Marie Ellis and Frances Levvy

Gent, Catherine (Kate) nee Danne (1835-1899) Teacher and Vocational Philanthropist

Gilchrist, Archibald (1843-1896), servant of Christ

Gilder, Sherrington Alexander (1828-1902) and the commencement in NSW of the education of  persons with deafness

Goodlet, Ann Alison (1822-1903) Presbyterian Philanthropist and missions promoter

Goodlet, Elizabeth Mary nee Forbes (1854-1926) Missions activist and Presbyterian

Goodlet, John Hay (1835-1914) Presbyterian Philanthropist, Timber Merchant and Manufacturer

Goold, Samuel (1820-1899) Congregationalist, Bookseller and Temperance Advocate

Gordon, Abraham S (1866-1936)   Art Union Fund Raiser, Canvasser and Author

Harrison, James Start (1837-1902) Accountant and Governance Philanthropist

Joy, Edward (1816-1898) Pastoralist and Ragged School Philanthropist

Kent, John (1843-1916) Accountant and YMCA Supporter

Langley, John Douse (1836-1930) Founder of the Church Labour Home

Lee, Henry Brougham Richard (1831-1883) The City Night Refuge and Soup Kitchen Manager

Levvy, Frances Deborah (1831-1924) Women’s Branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Lentz, George Augustus Frederick  (1797-1883) Convict conman, Architect and  co-founder of the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, Sydney

Lewis, Sharp Hutchinson (1830-1921) Glover and an early Secretary of the YMCA Sydney

Mailer, John Nicholson (1825-1892) Depository for the Religious Tract and Book Society

Malbon, Martha (1820-1901) Matron of the Sydney Female Refuge

Marshall, Mary  (1756-1849) and Robert Sidaway (1758-1809) Sydney’s first philanthropists?

Mills, John (1829-1880) wholesale grocer and governance philanthropist.

Neale, John Thomas  (1823-1897) and Hannah Maria Bull (1825-1911) Financial Philanthropists

Nightingale, Charles (1795-1860) Charity Collector

Owen-Smith, Fanny (1859-1932) Ragged School Teacher

Paterson, Violet (1871-1948) Ragged School Teacher

Pattison, Thomas (1805-1899) Coach Painter and Founder of the Deaf and Dumb Institute, Sydney

Paxton, Joseph (1828-1882) Miner, Musician, Philanthropist and Churchman

Phillips, Henry (1829-1884) and Margaret Thomson (neé Stobo) (1852-1892) and the Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institution

Pinhey, William Townley (1820-1895) and the Benevolent Society of the Blues

Price, Isabella (1830 – 1920) Consumptive Hospital Matron

Ramsay, Edward (1818-1894) Charity Collector

Reeve, Thomas Parker (1824-1913) Methodist, financial, governance and spiritual philanthropist

Roberts, Thomas (1805-1871) Missionary and Artist  

Roberts, Mary (1808-1890) Matron, Sydney Female Refuge

Roberts, Mary  nee Muckle (1804-1885) Property holder, Philanthropist and Publican.

Robinson, Ellis Frederick Leathwick (1839-1905) for 41 years Secretary of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind Institution

Robinson, Frederick Ropier (1815-1899) Ironmonger and for 38 years a member of Deaf and Dumb and Blind Institution

Rolin, Thomas Bately (1827-1899) Governance Philanthropist

Stanger-Leaves, Wilhelmina Logan (1826-1919); philanthropist in Bowral and beyond

Sidaway, Robert (1758-1809) and Mary Marshall (1756-1849) Sydney’s first philanthropists?

Sidney, John (1846-1916) Charity Secretary

Simpson, William Henry (1834-1922), Saddler, Mason, Local Government – a governance philanthropist

Smith, Professor John (1821-1885): Theosophical Dabbler or Devotee?

Torning, Andrew (1814-1900) a not very useful addition?

Tuting, George Collison (1814-1892), an aspiring but ordinary nineteenth-century colonist

Walker, David (1839-1915) Secretary of Sydney YMCA and vocational philanthropist

Walker, Jane Steel nee Hart (1832-1870) wife of businessman and philanthropist Thomas Walker of Yaralla.

Walker, Thomas (1804-1886) Businessman, Banker and Philanthropist

Watson, Samuel (1842-1911) Superintendent Deaf and Dumb and Blind Institution, Sydney

Philanthropic Organisations and Issues

Bush Missionary Society

Charity Collectors

Home Visiting and Relief Society

House of the Good Shepherd; more light on the founders of The House of the Good Shepherd

Matrons of the NSW Deaf and Dumb and Blind Institution up to World War 1

New South Wales ‘secular’ education and the Public Schools League

Penny Banks in Colonial NSW: banking that sought to serve

Poverty, Unemployment, J D Langley and Stephen Garton

Public opinion and the provision of a Magdalen Asylum in Sydney

Sydney Magdalen Asylums: The almost unknown founders

Teachers of the Ragged Schools

The Australian Religious Tract Society

The Church Labour Home

The Consumptive Home

The members of the Sydney Female Refuge Society 1860 – 1900

The Model Lodging House Company of Sydney (Limited)

The Sydney Dorcas Society

The Sydney Female Home

The Sydney Female Mission Home

The Sydney Female Refuge Society

The Sydney Female Refuge: some further reflections

The Sydney YMCA and World War I.

Women’s Branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

YMCA, Sydney The Commencement of the Young Men’s Christian Association, Sydney (YMCA)

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